Why Greenslopes Endocrinology?

“Empathy, passion, communication and respect are the core values of Greenslopes Endocrinology.”


My aim is to improve patients’ quality of life by providing holistic and evidence-based care, and equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge to achieve improved health outcomes.


Early in my career, I realised the importance of communication in my field. Communication to me is about listening to my patients and understanding their priorities and preferences. It is also about simplifying complex medical terminology and concepts, and explain treatment options to empower patients to make the best decision for their health.


Undertaking a PhD made me realize the significance of research experience for a clinician. There is more information on everything right now than ever before. My PhD taught me to critically evaluate this information (literature), understand the research methods used in scientific papers, synthesize findings from different studies and apply that knowledge to treat the patient sitting in front of me.


Dr. Viral Chikani, Endocrinologist